“Barely managing the family business by day and passing out on a park bench at night became routine. Being drunk all the time offended my wife and consequently, I wasn’t able to be around my young child. I finally reached out to an old friend who referred Arnold’s home detox addiction treatment to me. He helped me turn that hopeless situation around. Arnold supported me through my detox and introduced me to a solid recovery community which I participate in wholeheartedly. I now live a healthy, contented and prosperous life which back then seemed like a pipe dream”.

G.M. Sober under 2 years

Entrepreneur/Business Owner

“Arnold was instrumental in rescuing me from my life on the streets. I had been addicted to crack and living on the street for nearly five years. As a result addiction had cost me a high-profile job, a marriage and two children. His team persisted and I finally decided it was time. They helped me detox and re-establish my life. Most of all I have since been reunited with my family and my life is wonderfully blessed”.

Jake W. Sober over 7 years

Corporate Executive

“Iv’e experienced inpatient rehab more times than I like to admit. I now concede, had the previous treatment centers emphasised bio-repair as part of their program my story would have been different. I wish I could’ve found Arnold’s home detox addiction treatment service the first time, I would have saved tens of thousands of dollars. With his method, It was amazing how quickly my mind cleared after nine months of daily drinking”.

Lukas. Y, Sober 5 years

Sports And Entertainment

“My life was quickly crashing down around me. I was hesitant going to rehab as I couldn’t afford time away from my business. I was also fearful of a stranger coming to my home. I was recommended to Arnold’s home detox addiction treatment. After a careful and thorough vetting process, i agreed to have him assist me while I detoxed and recovered at home. I was extremely comfortable with Arnold. He gave me direction, encouragement and got me excited about changing my life”. Thanks Arnold!

ABelle W. Sober under 2 years


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