Sober Companion Services

Sober companion services provide a real-time non-bias assessment of a participant’s situation. They’re objectively evaluating what triggers their substance use and how they interact within their home, family and community.

With decades of experience overcoming addiction we provide real-time tactical guidance to navigate sobriety at home, work and social circles.

Real-world distractions and stress can easily blindside those in early recovery. Substance abusers are notoriously overly sensitive, turning bad moments into bad days. Sober companions help you stay focused and prevent overreacting to stressful situations in real time.

They are committed to helping you achieve total abstinence, improve your health and equip you in becoming a better citizen.

With decades of experience overcoming addiction, Sober Companions work 1-on-1 with you, providing 24/7 live-in, detox and early recovery support. They provide real-world tactical guidance, as you begin navigating sobriety at home, work and social circles.

Sober Companion Service Options

  • Live-in Support: 24/7 in-home support during detoxification and stabilization, 30-90 days.
  • Recovery Reboot: re-ignite stale recovery and get back on track.
  • Transitional Support: live-in and phone/skype support as you transition from rehab.
  • Sober Travel/Events Companion: safe and sober escort and support.

RecoverForGood Sober Companions are not therapists, sponsors, nurses, or doctors. We work closely with these professionals in the best interest of the participant. 

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Professional Services And Activities

Sober Companions provide primary 24/7 live-in support. Participants retain other professional services and activities on a pay-per use basis.

Adding services and activities enhances comfort and allows participants the ability to experience real-world activity sober. They can decide on what, when and how often they retain these services.

They Can Include:

  • Naturopath physicians, IV therapy and nutritionist.
  • Medical physicians, nursing.
  • Counselling and after care professionals.
  • Acupuncture, yoga, masseuse and personal trainers.
  • Recreational, leisure, social and physical activities/events.