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Case Management Services

Clients retain our addiction recovery consultants because we’re known to be extensive, thorough and transparent. We serve at the pleasure of our clients.

Our consultants act as your agent; managing every detail of establishing recovery up to the first year of sobriety.

That means we help you cover all the bases; from detoxification, needs assessment, game planning, vetting, intake coordination, placement, finance and aftercare.


Mainstream intervention essentially goes like this; a seemingly unified group of family and friends gather around an intoxicated individual and plead for a commitment to rehab. In duress they begrudgingly agree and will most likely manipulate their way back into the home.

Truth Is; you’re asking an irrational person to make a rational decision,

Recovery at this point Isn’their idea – It’s your’s.

Our Intervention Approach

We add an extra step to the traditional intervention process;  we get them to simply agree to our home detox protocol and go from there.

Why? Because, Once Detoxed And Stabilized:

  • They feel better and their mind is cleared.
  • They’re able to make rational and logical choices.
  • Are much less combative.
  • A desire for long-term recovery becomes their Idea naturally.

Our sober companions have a unique opportunity to accurately assess the situation and game plan the next steps of the process.

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