Substance Abuse Begins And Ends At Home……Naturally 

Home Detox Addiction Treatment

A Natural Withdrawal Alternative

Home detox addiction treatment works best for those who are highly motivated, have a good attitude and work ethic.

Most individuals are not ready to begin therapy, attend group, or meet with a psychiatrist until a complete detox and stabilization process is over.

Our goal; to ensure client’s are completely stabilized both physically and mentally, before a psychiatrist or therapist begins diagnosis or treatment.

** We would insist on a medically supervised detoxification at home or an inpatient setting for: synthetic opiate, pain and benzodiazepine medication. 

Participants requiring detox and recovery will require live-in Sober Companion support for a minimum of thirty days.

RecoverForGood Sober Companions are not therapists, sponsors, nurses, or doctors. We work closely with these professionals in the best interest of the participant. 

Home Detox Addiction Treatment

A unique non-medical detoxification process that allows abstinence to occur naturally, with little discomfort. It’s designed to enable people to safely and discreetly recover at home.

Our Detox And Recovery Process.

Controlled Tapering protocol suppresses withdrawal symptoms significantly as tapering isn’t shocking the body and mind into withdrawal. Tapering and biochemical restoration allows abstinence to occur naturally, making detoxing safe to do at home.

Biochemical Restoration Addiction Treatment is the core therapy of our home program, it’s the difference between struggling or thriving in early recovery.

Participants achieve a drug free state of mind and body. They experience clarity and well-being to pre-addiction levels.

Establishing recovery will feel like a parachute landing.

The technical explanation of bio-repair

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Professional Services And Activities

Sober Companions provide primary 24/7 live-in support. Participants retain other professional services and activities on a pay-per use basis.

Adding services and activities enhances comfort and allows participants the ability to experience real-world activity sober. They can decide on what, when and how often they retain these services.

They Can Include:

  • Naturopath physicians, IV therapy and nutritionist.
  • Medical physicians, nursing.
  • Counselling and after care professionals.
  • Acupuncture, yoga, masseuse and personal trainers.
  • Recreational, leisure, social and physical activities/events.