End Substance Abuse Where It Began – At Home…… Naturally 

Detox And Recover At-Home

Unique to Recover-For-Good Concierge our Detox At-Home solution is a non-medical detoxification process that allows abstinence to occur naturally with little medical intervention or discomfort.

Our Detox At-Home service appeals to individuals who are highly motivated and have a good work ethic.

Our natural withdrawal protocol enables most individuals to safely and discreetly recover from alcohol and most street drugs at home with a minimum of 24/7 live-in support of a sober companion.

We say this because most individuals are not ready to begin therapy, attend group, or meet with a psychiatrist until a thorough stabilization process is completed.

Detoxing at home from cocaine, meth, heroin, alcohol and most street drugs must commit to a live-in Sober Companion for a min of 10 days.

Medical Withdrawal

Medical Withdrawal Formula: subtract alcohol or drug (cold turkey) and replace it with a new drug to avoid shocking the mind and body into withdrawal.

Many believe its unnecessary to induce withdrawal symptoms in order to detox from alcohol and most street drugs. With constant supervision withdrawal in many cases can be accomplished at home.

However, withdrawal from powerful pharmaceuticals like; fentanyl, methadone, synthetic opioid, pain and benzo medications require a medical supervision.

Withdrawal from pharmaceuticals are severe and potentially lethal. Detox can take weeks or months to accomplish. They absolutely require medical care and medication to manage.

Withdrawal at home from pharmaceuticals must agree to medical/clinical monitoring by a medical professional and 24/7 live-in sober companion support for a min of 90 days.

Natural Withdrawal

Recover-For-Good believes going through withdrawal shouldn’t have to be cruel and unusual punishment.

Our drug-free withdrawal process can unequivocally help you come down naturally from alcohol and most street drugs with minimal discomfort.

It allows people to truly free themselves from the slavery of mind altering toxins for peace of mind.

Our detox-at-home program combines a Controlled Tapering and a Bio-Repair Protocol where participants experience little to no withdrawal symptoms.

As a matter of fact this natural process virtually makes coming down feel like a parachute landing.

This therapy is a game-changer in helping individuals thrive and avoid the painfull mental and emotional instability that typically plague early recovery.

They experience a drug free state of mind and body with clarity and well-being to pre-addiction levels.

Addon Concierge Services And Activities

A Sober Companion essentially provide primary 24/7 live-in support. Some participants retain other professional/clinical services and activities as needed. Professionals retained become independent relationships between provider and participant.

These add-on services enhance comfort and allows the ability to control cost by deciding on what, when and how often they retain these services.

They Can Include:

  • Naturopath physicians, IV therapy and nutritionist.
  • Medical physicians, nursing.
  • Counselling and after care professionals.
  • Acupuncture, yoga, masseuse and personal trainers.
  • Recreational, leisure, social and physical activities/events.

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