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Biochemical Restoration To Treat Addiction

Treat The Cause – Not The Symptoms

Biochemical restoration addiction treatment is based on decades of solid research. Anxiety, depression, cravings, irritability, fatigue, confusion and irrational thinking. These are symptoms of an altered brain chemistry.

Left untreated the effects get worse, the longer they try to stay away from the drink or drug. This contributes to more recidivism than anything else.

People don’t relapse because they weren’t done yet or haven’t hit their bottom. They relapsed because they can’t cope with the unbearable pain caused by an altered brain chemistry.

Abstinence, Medication and Talk Therapy cannot reverse it.

Biochemical repair unequivocally provides that relief. To avoid this essential therapy significantly reduces the odds of establishing let alone achieving lasting sobriety.

Therefore, we think it wise to emphasis biochemical restoration before attempting to treat co-occurring disorders.

Our Biochemical restoration home addiction treatment naturally accelerates mental clarity, cognitive function, focus, energy and mood – paving the way for talk therapy to be effective. Even more when maintained, craving for alcohol and addictive substances virtually disappear. In our experience at least 50% of our participants are still sober after five years.

Recover For Good does not dismiss other treatment modalities such as counseling or spiritual growth. We emphasis biochemical restoration as an absolute starting point to establish recovery. Once restoration is achieved clients will naturally seek other supports to enhance their recovery.

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