"What Is Recover-For-Good Concierge?"

“We Help Families Navigate The Process Of Establishing Recovery”

The Story About Us And Our Experience

We’ve been helping Canadians detox and recover from where they live for nearly a decade. It began unofficially while working with a mobile outreach team for a non-profit organization in Vancouver BC.

We started helping homeless substance abusers begin the road to recovery from their encampments. Our efforts to get them sober would be hampered by public addiction resources not being readily available. It takes time to build rapport with the homeless and waiting for help to become available we risked losing their trust.

So essentially Recover-For-Good was born out of necessity. Rather than concede “It is what it is” we began the daunting task of organizing spare couches, clinical assistance and volunteers to support an individual 24/7 through their detox and early recovery.

We sobered up 21 individuals that first year (2009). Only two required inpatient rehab, nineteen left the streets and remain sober to this day. Sadly though the outreach program lost it’s funding in late 2011.

However, Recover-For-Good had developed a proven concept for people who want to avoid rehab and sober up privately in their home. We officially began offering Recovery At-Home Concierge Services to Canadians in 2013. To date; our oldest client was 82 and our youngest just 16. It has become a viable addiction treatment alternative for those who need to recover with minimal disruption to their career, home and social circles.

Why It Works 

  • Wisdom of decades of real-world sobriety.
  • If we don’t know – We know who does.
  • Enjoy absolute privacy and confidentiality.
  • Unparalleled focus with no distraction or peer pressures of rehab.
  • Practical recovery that is tailored to your unique lifestyle (home, career and social circles).
  • Therapy based on decades of research and practical experience.
  • Drug free state of mind and body with clarity and well-being.

Our Client Demographic

Individuals and Professions We’ve Served.

  • Female/Male/LGBQ.
  • Teens/Students and Seniors.
  • Single Parents and Families.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Corporate Executives.
  • Medical and Legal Professionals.
  • Business and Finance.
  • Sports and Entertainment.
  • Real Estate Residential/Commercial.

Recover-For-Good Concierge is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

24/7 Support Services delivered directly to Canadians wherever they call home

Important Confidentiality And Anonymity Notice

We have omitted a “Who We Are” section on our site on purpose. Here’s why!! Recover-For-Good Concierge is solely operated by sober alcoholics and addicts. Our personnel is what makes our service model unique and effective.

Revealing a personal struggle with addiction in a public forum like a website carries an obvious stigma with inherent risk. It can adversely affect an individual’s personal or professional reputation and even hinder their ability to travel freely – especially to the United States.

We respect that all individuals whether it be our client or our personnel, have the right to keep their addiction anonymous.

Therefore, we encourage you to contact us directly by phone and we’ll be more than happy to (look you in the eye sort of speak) and answer any questions or concerns.

Sincerely: Management, Recover-For-Good Concierge..

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