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A Practical Way To Recover From Addiction Without Going To Rehab.

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Canada’s Only Private Alcohol & Drug Recovery Detox At-Home Concierge.

Begin sobriety in the privacy of your home today.


Is This Someone You Know?

  • It’s not the first attempt at getting sober.
  • Career, family and other commitments make seeking recovery nearly impossible.
  • Getting off drugs and alcohol only to depend on pharmaceuticals for peace of mind.
  • Need addiction kept under the radar to preserve social and professional reputation.
  • Have to stop but can’t do it alone without rehab.
  • There has to be a way to get sober without rehab?

Why People Call Us?

  • Canada’s only private direct to the home concierge addiction recovery service.
  • Learn how to recover from decades of real-world sober experience.
  • 1-on-1 mentoring ensures absolute privacy and confidentiality.
  • Recovery tailored to an individual‘s lifestyle (home, career and social circles).
  • Clarity and well-being to pre-addiction levels as a result of a natural non-medical approach to substance withdrawal.

Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Service provided directly to Canadians wherever they call home.

Your Addiction Recovery Consultants Are Specialists In

In-Home Detox

A non-medical detoxification process that allows abstinence to occur naturally with little discomfort. People can safely and discreetly recover at home.

Sober Companion

Your real-world guide to sobriety.  A 24/7 live-in support and real-time navigator, helping you establish sobriety at home, work and social circles.


Clients retain our addiction recovery consultants to manage every detail of establishing sobriety with a single, well-structured process.


Based on decades of research and practical experience. It accelerates mental clarity, cognitive function, focus, energy and mood – paving the way for talk therapy to be effective.

A Reality Check

Addiction Treatment: is a term used in a medical sense. It generally refers to cure or, if that is not possible, at least symptom control. Unfortunately going to addiction treatment doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in recovery.

Mainstream residential treatment is very often necessary for some to treat addiction. However, with availability of outpatient addiction professionals in most communities, most people can safely detox and recover at home.

The Mainstream Addiction Treatment playbook is essentially connecting trauma to justify substance use. Relapse prevention strategies that emphasis sober living bubbles and behaviour modification. Patients must avoid triggers, people and social situations where drinking is involved in order to stay sober.

Truth is: People are more than their chemistry or labels. To assume all is reducible to the right pill or a scripted response to life is not scientific fact, but a philosophical assumption.

You Have To Watch This!!

(Video contains strong language and mature subject matter, Viewer discretion is advised) Courtesy Of: Vice Reports “Are rehabs failing substance abusers?”

Recover for Good is a non-traditional addiction rehab program. We’ve been helping busy Canadians detox and recover from the privacy of their homes for over a decade.

A Detoxification Process that allows abstinence to occur naturally with very minimal discomfort. We use a natural, non-medical withdrawal protocol that results in a total drug-free state of body and mind.

Practical Real-World Recovery outside the sober living bubble, turning hopelessness to true freedom, meaning, purpose, self-worth, dignity and contentment.

Chances Are; You Can Too. Call 1-800-726-4075 For Availability.

At-Home Concierge Services available only on a Private Self-Pay basis.

  • Detox-At-Home starting at $7.500.
  • Sober Companion/Coaching starting at $30/day
  • One Year Program less than a 30-60 day stay at a luxury rehab.
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