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A Boutique Service exclusively for those extremely motivated in solving a substance misuse/abuse problem.
Making Recovery
Your Idea
  • Extreme Interventionist

    Arnold Mulessa with nearly twenty years of continued sobriety – has dedicated his life in helping substance abusers and their families by any means necessary. Those who hire us are those most concerned with the substance abuser whether it be a friend, co-worker, business associate, family member or the substance abuser themselves.

    We know substance abusers from all walks of life, flirt with sorded places everywhere. They begin sneaking away for a couple of days so no one can bother them. These weekend warriors continue to live their double life and suddenly find themselves unable to escape its grip. Arnold Mulessa and his team infiltrate the most sordid places you can imagine to locate, extract and detox these individuals by any means necessary.

    “There is no playbook we do it from the hip. Our goal is to get them cleaned up and clear their head. We are then able to rationally discuss whether they want to remain that way”. We believe when a substance abuser makes recovery their idea there is a far better chance they will commit to staying sober for the long haul

  • Companion Supported In-Home Detox And Recovery

    A one year companion supported home detox and recovery program that utilizes a Live-in Sober Companion (up to 90 days) and continued daily phone/skype support for a year. Our Detox is safe to do at home. It combines a controlled taper down process and biochemical repair - resulting in a total drug and alcohol Free State of mind and body. This can be accomplished with minimal disruption to personal or business responsibilities.

    Please Note: RecoverForGood Sober Companions are not therapists, sponsors, nurses, or doctors. We source out qualified professionals as needed locally. That includes: medical practitioners, therapists, counselors, support groups and others. We work closely with these professionals in the best interest of the client.

  • Sober Companion Supported Recovery

    The major benefit of working one-on-one with a sober companion is the life experience of overcoming a decade of active addiction with its inherent struggles followed by decades of continued sobriety. RecoverForGood is uniquely qualified to assist substance abusers in establishing and maintaining sobriety like no one else can.

    We come from all walks of life and fully understand the disease of addiction and its symptoms. The cunning mind may have served us well while active in addiction. However it becomes a hindrance to sustained sobriety. Why is that? No matter how committed to getting and staying sober, the battle to quiet that incessant mental chatter is difficult to overcome—especially in the first year of recovery.

    Hence why its critical to have a companion walk with you through the many variables, obstacles and distractions of day to day life in real-time. We show you how to regain control of your life, and continually give you the tools and support you need to maintain control. We are totally committed to helping you achieve total abstinence, improve your health and equip you in becoming a better citizen.

  • Rates

    Due to the extreme variability and uniqueness of each clients situation and our service offering. We are unable to provide a price list on our site. Therefore we encourage you or your loved ones to Contact Us Directly and discuss your situation in detail at: 1-800-726-4075.