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In Your Home, Career And Social Circles

Recover-For-Good At-Home Concierge

Recover-For-Good Concierge is a 1-on-1 Addiction Recovery At-Home Solution. A safe and practical alternative to mainstream inpatient rehab.

For nearly a decade Canadians have trusted the experience of Recover-For-Good to help them navigate the complex world of addiction recovery.

We help those who require minimal disruption to their career, home and social responsibilities so they can detox and recover at home.

Recover-For-Good integrates 24/7 one-on-one sober companion support along with locally sourced addiction professionals to prepare individuals for long-term recovery.

There’s No Better Place To End Addiction…Than Where It Began…At Home

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I knew I had to do something about my drinking, but I just couldn’t leave my family and business responsibilities and go to rehab for 30 days. My family and I are forever grateful to Recoverforgood Concierge for helping me back on my feet. I was able to detox and recover at home without too much disruption to my daily responsibilities Dale Alumni 5+ years sober

“Withdrawal was like a parachute landing”

I always did well in the supportive bubble of rehab. Armed with knowledge and good intentions I would leave determined to stay sober. However, reality would blind-side me soon after discharge. My enthusiasm and good intentions were out the window. I drifted back into familiar addictive and dysfunctional behaviors. I would relapse and repeat the cycle again. This time a Recover-For-Good mentor helped me sober up at home and so far so good Josh Alumni; 2+ years sober

“I Learned Sobriety From People In Sobriety”

“Living sober at the speed of life is extremely difficult. The textbook recovery worked well in the rehab environment. Unfortunately, it didn’t pass the acid test under real-world conditions.

This time Recover-For-Good helped me establish and maintain a sober lifestyle as it unfolded in real-time in my home, career and social circle” Matt. Alumni; 3+ years sober

Concierge Services


Addiction recovery consultants help you manage every detail of establishing sobriety with a single, well-structured process.

Detox At-Home

A drug free detox and stabilization protocol that allows abstinence to occur naturally with little discomfort. 

Sober Companions

Your real-world guide to sobriety. A 24/7 live-in navigator to establish and integrate a sober lifestyle at home, career and social circles.


A nutritionally based addiction treatment therapy that accelerates mental clarity, cognitive function, focus, energy and mood naturally.

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Service is only available on a Private Self-Pay Basis. A one year live-in/out service commitment is less than a 30-60 day stay at a luxury rehab.

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