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Merry Christmas Holidays From Recover-For-Good Concierge

The holiday season naturally brings stress to family or social functions. Now add a substance user to the mix and it can get even more awkward. They will either be the boisterous center of attention or a miserable killjoy. Either way the family tip-toes anxiously avoiding confrontation and praying they get through the occasion without too much embarrassment.

If this scenario sounds familiar and your family is bracing to go through it again this holiday season, we may be able to help change that. There’s still time to help your loved one sober up and be present in time for the holidays.

For nearly a decade Canadian families have entrusted Recover-For-Good Concierge to help them navigate the complex world of addiction recovery.

We specialize in helping individuals sober up at home so there is minimal disruption to their career, home and social circles. It’s the most practical and safest way to not only avoid rehab but also establish sobriety privately and comfortably at home.

There’s no better place to end addiction, than where it began….. At Home.

We work with drug & alcohol abuse/misuse, gambling and other process and behaviour addiction issues.

Recover-For-Good Concierge Services 


Retain our addiction recovery consultants to manage every detail of establishing sobriety with a single, well-structured process.

Detox At-Home

A non-medical detoxification process that allows abstinence to occur naturally with little discomfort. People can safely and discreetly recover at home.

Sober Companions

A real-world guide to sobriety.  A 24/7 live-in support and real-time navigator to help you establish sobriety at home, career and social circles.


A natural addiction treatment based on decades of research and practical experience. It accelerates mental clarity, cognitive function, focus, energy and mood – paving the way for talk therapy to be effective.

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Service is only available on a Private Self-Pay Basis. A one year live-in/out service commitment is less than a 30-60 day stay at a luxury rehab.

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