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Helping you Detox and Recover discreetly, comfortably and naturally with little or no medical intervention or residential rehab.
Recover At Home
  • ** In-Home Detox And Stabilization (20 to 90 Days)

    We assist high functioning men and women and their families detox and recover from a substance abuse/misuse problem at home.

    A boutique service for those who are highly motivated, require absolute anonymity and minimal disruption to their personal or business responsibilities.

    Please Note: We do not induce cold turkey withdrawal which would require medical intervention.

    Our natural non-medical approach uses a taper down process at the same time introducing biochemical repair. This drastically reduces withdrawal symptoms and allows day one sober to come naturally.

  • Biochemical Restoration

    Our Detox and Stabilization emphasizes biochemical repair. A customized IV and or “by mouth” formula is used to drastically reduce withdrawal symptoms, eliminate cravings, stabilize the brain, return short-term memory and promote restful sleep.

    This highly effective process enables individuals to achieve a complete alcohol and drug free state of body and mind.

  • Sober Companions

    With years of real world sobriety our companions are experienced in providing live-In support during detoxification and early recovery. We’re there to keep you focused with practical guidance and skills to living sober in your home, work and social circles..

    ** 24/7 Live-In Sober Companion is required for In-Home Detox and Stabilization.

  • On-Going Sober Companion Support

    Our clients benefit immensely from ongoing skype/phone support after their in-home detox and stabilization.

    This applies also to those leaving inpatient rehab. The same real world distractions you left behind still exist when you return home. These distractions are extremely frustrating, overwhelming and demoralizing. Don’t lose focus and confidence on recovery.

    As you re-integrate back to your home, work and social circles add insurance with short term live-in and/or ongoing skype/phone support for a year. It can be the difference between success and failure.

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