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A realistic, scientific approach to treating drug and alcohol addiction.
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  • In-Home Detox And Stabilization

    Detox and recover in the privacy of home with minimal disruption to your personal or business responsibilities. For nearly ten years we’ve been helping both men and woman detox and recover from; alcohol, heroin, cocaine, crack, marijuana, sugar and synthetic opiate addiction.

    You can recover safely, discreetly and comfortably with little or no medical intervention or residential rehab.Click to learn more.

  • Biochemical Restoration

    Substance abusers wealthy and poor alike - will drink or drug more and eat less, becoming severely malnourished over time. This causes a rapid decline of physical health which ultimately alters brain chemistry. Click to learn more.

  • Sober Companion

    For nearly a decade we’ve been helping Canadians recover from their addiction discreetly in their homes. We specialize in providing live-In support throughout your detoxification and early recovery.

    We help you navigate through the distractions, pitfalls and triggers that plague individuals in early recovery. We keep you focused on recovery with valuable guidance, motivation and empathy.

    Drawing from our experience we will teach you the skills for living sober in your home, work and social circles without further delaying a return to normal life.

    We understand firsthand your present and future challenges. We’ll help make your transition to a sober lifestyle bearable and fun. Click to learn more.

  • On Going Sober Companion Support

    The majority of patients leave rehab with great trepidation as they reintegrate with their home, work and social circles. Many lose their focus and confidence on recovery. Truth is the same real world distractions they left behind still exist when they return home. These distractions and pressures can be extremely frustrating, overwhelming and demoralizing.

    RecoverForGood clients have an advantage at this stage, as they have gained real life experience navigating through these distractions and pressures while recovering at home. Many continue with ongoing support with their companion via skype or telephone once the in-home service is completed.

    Retaining a live-in/out Sober Companion upon discharge from rehab can help you in real-time stay focused and confident during this transition. In the end Sober Companions add an invaluable insurance to your rehab investment.

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Some clients can make themselves available to speak directly with you about their "RecoverForGood Experience".
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